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4th May 2008

As the Stanier Black5 Sets off from Crewe to Altrincham passing Sandbach and Middlewich at 9.00am, I had been sat in a field while it rained waiting.

Half an hour passed and I had a phone call from my Dad on the "The Lancashire Fusilier" saying it would be passing soon. Luckily the weather was starting to clear, and the rain had finally passed and I was taking a few test shots as I heard the Stream train in the distance.

A few minutes later the Stanier Black 5 45407 came round the bend, and I started taking shots as it got closer, all the passenger waving as it passed, and that was the first part of my day over.

After a short drive home, my family and I were getting ready to take the trip from Northwich to Chester and Back again. My 2 year old son was excited, as was the rest of us.

Traveling over the Northwich Viaduct we set off for Chester. People we stood outside their homes, in fields, at stations and on roads, all out to see the Steam Train pass and wave us on our journey. Once we reached Chester the Stanier Black5 had to fill up with water and turn round, then we were on our way back to Altrincham.

From Altrincham my family jumped off at Northwich, but I was on my way to Delamere to get off and wait for The Stanier Black5 to come back from Chester so that I could get some shots of it in the forest, and then jump back on and travel back to Northwich. I got the shots, and as I was running back to the station it started to rain again, no matter, I was getting on the train... Unfortunately, it started to pull off as I crossed the bridge, out of breath I got a phone call from my Dad, still on the train asking were I was. (see image here)

Stood in the rain, again, I was finishing my Steam Train Photography day waiting for a lift from Delamere. I enjoyed it, and the rain was refreshing.

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